The uncomfortable truth

Illustration: Nija Maharjan

Motherhood II

The moment I saw the vacancy for an English teacher in Dolpo, I was messaging asking anything and everything I needed to know, cause this was Dolpo and I had to go. …

Illustration — Indira Manandhar

Knowingly, unknowingly we all are guilty of instilling this notion in young girls that to be ‘cool’ you have to be a boy. That being a girl is something to be looked down upon, something to be ridiculed, something not worthy enough.

That is what we have all grown up…

Illustration — Prashneel

New Wives Tales II

(Trying to understand the man’s side of the story)

Ma chahin ke, madal ho madal.

Eta bata ni bajako cha, uta bata ni bajako cha.

I doubt if there has ever been a married man, who has not uttered these words.

So, he helps with the…

(Motherhood I)

Illustration: Indira Manandhar

We do not aspire to be perfect mothers.

We don’t want to be such highly regarded people who sacrifice their own happiness and lives.

Whoever came up with this fanatical idea and whosoever has been marketing it for years, why in the world would you do that, why…

Illustration — NIja Maharjan

There are these women in our society at alarming rates, the moral police women, women who are so adept at teaching other women how to be a good woman, an ideal woman, they know it all.

And it all begins and ends with: men. How men should be bequeathed with…

Eva Manandhar

Writing about everyday small yet big things

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